Research Assistant

Turku University of Applied Sciences is looking for a Research Assistant for a fixed-term employment lasting until 31 December 2023.

As a Research Assistant you will be responsible for developing, simulating, assisting with the implementation of, characterizing and tuning deep neural network algorithms. The role requires in-depth knowledge of AI techniques and strong programming skill, and involves

- analyzing existing deep neural network pipeline algorithms including generative adversarial networks on medical image data and determining suitability for application versus alternatives.
- handling large scale machine learning training problems that utilize real-world raw data.
- conducting experiments and delivering prototypes for real-world impact.
- characterizing and tuning the data processing pipeline by working with senior AI scientists and clinical experts to determine requirements, then developing data collection and analysis processes, capturing data in the lab, and performing analyses.
- documenting and publishing the complete work and presenting it in scientific conferences or journals.

This position is available in a project "Privacy Preserving AI for Synthetic and Anonymous Health Data" (PRIVASA) funded by Business Finland. The project is carried out by a consortium formed by the University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and other partners. The research takes place in collaboration with national and international industrial partners. The intention is that you will carry out research leading to a PhD thesis. The role is available within the Turku University of Applied Sciences Health Technology team which develops, builds, and tests synthetic data generator systems as part of PRIVASA consortium.


- a minimum of a master's degree in biomedical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics or related degree; an advanced degree is preferred
- understanding of multidimensional image formats
- deep neural network frameworks and pipeline tuning skills
- algorithm development skills
- strong capability in MATLAB or Python (familiarity with TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, and imaging libraries is a plus)
- good communication, organization and team working skills, with tendency to enjoy working in multicultural teams
- excellent English language skills (writing and presenting).


- medical image data analysis experience
- high performance computing experience
- experience with Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography
- hands-on experience with generative adversarial networks
- experience with machine vision algorithms
- C++ coding ability
- version control skills, Linux, and project management skills.


- Responsibility and freedom to act in externally funded projects in different fields
- an opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary development activity in the context of versatile tasks and assignments
- a positive work environment and a nice team around you
- support from a highly professional organization
- an opportunity to apply and further develop your expertise.

For this position, the probationary period is six months.


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Turku University of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Business, Kupittaa campus, Turku


To apply, please submit an application via Kuntarekry with the following documents included:
- a detailed curriculum vitae (and list of publications if available)
- a letter of motivation and research interests (up to 1 page).

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Additional information
For information about the role and work assignments, please contact
Dr. Mojtaba Jafaritadi (only by e-mail
For information about the selection procedure and terms of employment, please contact
Head of Education and Research Tero Reunanen ( / +358 44 907 4592)

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