Municipality of Sipoo

Sipoo is a growing and agile bilingual municipality near the Helsinki metropolitan area. Our organization has its foundation in continuous development with a pioneer attitude. Our approximately 1 300 employers work together to ensure that the municipality’s 21 170 residents have functional services of high quality and a pleasant and safe environment to live in.

Our personnel genuinely take part in creating new ways of doing things. In Sipoo you get ample opportunities to write up your own job description and to embrace new challenges. We take pride in having personnel that prospers and works to achieve our common goals.

Sipoo attracts both residents and visitors with its scenic beauty and unique location. Here you can enjoy both the calm of surrounding countryside and the pulsating life of the capital area. We have no less than eight neighboring municipalities, the largest ones being Helsinki, Vantaa and Porvoo. With excellent public transport connections, it is easy to shuttle to Sipoo even from other communities in the vicinity. Read more about our vacancies here:

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