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Privacy notice of the web service

Last update 31.12.2020: company name FCG Talent Oy changed to FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy and the email address updated, too. 171.12024 company name FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy changed to FCG Digital Oy.

How do we process your personal data when you use the web service?

Your privacy and the protection of your data are important to us. FCG Digital Oy is committed to protecting the privacy of users of its services and to complying with the valid data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Employees in FCG Digital Oy and other individuals who take part in the processing of personal data are committed to following a confidentiality obligation and keeping all data obtained when processing personal data secret.

The service consists of two different systems: the website publication system ( and the recruitment system ( In the website publication system, employers advertise vacancies that are removed from the publication system automatically after the application period. In the recruitment system, job-seekers can create a personal profile and send targeted or open job applications. In the recruitment system, employers process applications sent by job-seekers, ranging from the receipt of applications to the preparation of recruitment proposals.

FCG Digital Oy is responsible for the technical functionality of the system, acting as the main technical administrator of the web service. Furthermore, FCG Digital Oy is responsible for personal data in the role of a data controller with regard to the processing of user profile data.

When a service user sends an application for a specific employer’s job advertisement, a specific organisation or, for example, a geographic area, the employer organisation to which the application was sent will be responsible for the processing of personal data entered in the targeted or open application.

Employers are obligated to comply with applicable provisions of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and the Archives Act, among others, when processing personal data. More information about the processing of personal data by employers can be obtained from the organisation to which you sent your application.

FCG Digital Oy does not disclose any profile data you have saved in the service to third parties. If you decide to send an application to a organisation by using the service, you accept that that employer, as the data controller, is responsible for the processing of your personal data entered in the application.

Further information on the processing of profile data and the personal data of visitors to the websites of the and services provided by FCG Digital Oy is available here. You can also contact us by email at