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About Kuntarekry

About Kuntarekry

Kuntarekry is a national public sector job search service and recruitments service for municipal employers and wellbeing services counties.

Kuntarekry in figures

  • 3 500 open jobs at all times
  • over 350 customer organizations widely througout Finland
  • 4,2 million visitors a year
  • over a million visits every month

For job seekers Kuntarekry provides thousands of open jobs all around Finland, easy digital tools to search jobs and substitutes and useful information regarding job search.

For employers - municipalities, cities, municipal federations, municipal-owned businesses and wellbeing services counties we provide recruitment software and expert services that are suitable for external and internal recruitment as well as recruitment management.

Contact info

Job seeker

If you have forgotten your username or password, go to log in -page and click "Password or username forgotten".

If you have any questions about applying or filling the application form or about using Kuntarekry, please contact the employer whose job you are applying for.

You can find the employers contact info from the job advertisement. The employer can give you answers to questions about applying and about the job.

If you have technical problems with Kuntarekry, you can ask help from


Customer service: 044 4314 999 or

FCG Talent Oy
Osmontie 34, 00610 Helsinki
PL 950, 00601 Helsinki​

Do you want to start using Kuntarekry in your organisation?

Contact or read more

Kimmo Koski, 050 3288 517,

Maria Wendell, 050 520 3761,


Kuntarekry is produced by FCG Oy. We develop innovative and user-friendly software solutions for recruitment, HR-management and employee onboarding.

Our main product is Kuntarekry-service. Our other softwares are ElbitHR, KuntaHR, KirkkoHR, Intro and HeSu. We have developed softwares for many different fields over thirty years.