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Anonymous job search

Anonymous job search

What does it mean when it says "Anonyymi rekrytointi" on a job ad?

Anonymous recruitment improves on the equal handling of job applications, to be carried out based on one's skills and competence during the recruitment process. In an anonymous recruitment process the incoming applications are handled without the applicants' personal information for example until the point where the decision has been made about who will be invited to an interview. Every organization has their own procedures and you will get more information about those by contacting the person mentioned on the job ad.

In an anonymous recruitment process the person handling the applications will not be shown the information that has been inserted in the anonymous parts of the application form before the handling process of the applications has come to the point where the recruiter for example needs the applicant's contact information. The applicant can however fill the application form in a normal manner and also give the anonymous information on the form, which are the applicant's name, picture, date of birth, gender, phone number, email, home address, place of residence and native language.

When you notice that the recruitment is anonymous, please make sure not to give any personal information on any other parts of the application form other than the ones that have been marked as anonymous.