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For employers

For employers

Kuntarekry is a national public sector job search service and recruitment service for municipal employers and wellbeing services counties. We have half a million job seekers registered and over 350 employer organizations. website has over a million visits each month.

For employers - municipalities, cities, joint municipal authorities, municipal-owned businesses and wellbeing services counties we provide recruitment software and expert services that are suitable for external and internal recruitment as well as substitute management. Our services also includes Intro the introduction software, to manage the onboarding process of new employees.

For job seekers we provide thousands of open jobs at all times, the tools to find jobs and substitutes plus useful information regarding job search.

Learn more about our services for employers here. If you are not a customer yet but are interested in for example publishing job ads on our website, you can place the order in our online store. After placing the order we will send you necessary information in order to publish the job ad.

3 500 jobs open at all times

350+ customer organizations

Over a million visits every month

4,2 million visitors a year

Kuntarekry for employers

Employers customer service

Employer, how can we help? Are you interested in using Kuntarekry as your recruitment tool? Ask us about our sevices to the employers.
Puh. 044 4314 999 I I


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  • You can update your organizations presentation
  • You can change the image / video of your job postings
  • You can see the ratings your organization has received for the questions in the employer presentation
  • You find RSS / XML feeds to link job advertisements to your own website / intranet