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For students

For students

On the website you will find thousands of open jobs of municipal organisations and wellbeing services counties as well as their employer introductions and interesting articles about worklife and job search.

Kuntarekry also has plenty of summer jobs, trainee positions and apprenticeship contract positions annually. You can also send substitute applications and open applictions to employers that you are interested in or just target the application on a spesific working area.

Municipal organisations include municipalities, cities, joint municipal authorities and municipal-owned businesses.

Why work in the public sector?

Meaningful work

For many, the most important thing at work is its importance to society. This significance is strongly present in public sector work. For example, nursing, education and infrastructure maintenance are areas where you don’t need much imagination to see that your work matters.

One organization - thousands of positions

Other important elements are the diversity of tasks, stability and the opportunity for personal growth and development. Working for a public sector employer you can build a long career and advance within the field, from one field to another or to supervisory positions without a change of employer. In municipal organizations and wellbeing services counties there are thousands of different occupations around Finland.

Responsible management

The public sector is also less dependent than the private sector for economic cycles in the short term. Municipal organizations and wellbeing services counties are responsible employers that invest in employees' wellbeing and competence development by offering training, personnel activities and stable employment.

Info about municipal work

A person employed by a municipality or a municipal federation is hired for either an employment relationship or an employment contract. The main difference between an employment relationship and an employment contract is the nature of the legal relationship. The incumbent has a public law relationship with the employer, while the employee has a private law relationship. Tasks involving the exercise of official authority are performed on an employment relationship. Otherwise, the staff will be hired for an employment contract. In municipalities, personnel must have sufficient proficiency in Finnish and/or Swedish to perform their duties.

Occupation stories
For partners in co-operation

On this page you will find information about the work Kuntarekry does in order to improve the worklife knowledge of the youth by communicating about the wide job opportunities of the public sector.

Kuntarekry operates actively in the largest social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok - by sharing information about the job opportunities of municipal organisations and wellbeing services counties in a versatile and inspiring manner, by using the appropriate channels and content for the youth. In addition, Kuntarekry participates actively in different job seeker events around Finland and networks with different municipal, employment and youth operators.

Omatyö - informs the youth and those who work among the youth about work possibilities in the municipal sector. Omatyö - -work is funded by Association of Finnish Municipalities, KT Local government employers, KeVa, MuniFin and Avaintyönantajat AVAINTA ry. The work is carried out by FCG Talent Oy.

Successful Finland is made close
Omatyö -
Persuasive communication with the goal to
  • get the young future professionals and the municipal employers to find each other
  • intrigue youth about diverse work opportunities in the municipal sector
  • attract them to apply to municipalities and cities
  • support that municipalities finds skilled employees also in the future
In our contribution
  • we provide useful information about working in the municipal sector and tools for career choices, getting into working life and applying for the jobs
  • we create and share content to social media that is interesting to the youth
  • we create material and network with municipal employers, employment services, student counsellors and youth workers
  • we participate in national influencing campaings (for example Responsible summer job)
Responsible summer job
Responsible summer job

Responsible summer job -campaign helps employers to develop their summer work practices and provide the young person with a successful summer work experience. For a young person, a successful summer work experience gives them confidence in themselves and in the future. It creates a positive image of the employer and its industry. As an employer, you benefit from the work input of enthusiastic summer employees and fresh insights and ideas.